Switching 24 hour news source; Blog Post #1

Whenever and where ever I am in the world my number one news source 24/7 is CHCH news in Hamilton, Ontario. This news station is local, small, and the closet to where I live which is Niagara Falls. When I watch it, I do not feel as if I’m watching the news but more a conversation with people I feel like I have known forever based on the overall setup and production techniques they use, which also makes them successful. I always agree with their views and where they side on certain topics which also gives them bonus points. Now, for this assignment I was asked to changed my news sources for 24 hours with one that is completely against where I stand.

CHCH Logo; taken from chch.com

CHCH since they are always ‘on my side’ is more liberal (not 100% as seen in American news station) but they are and you get the idea. Since I am more liberal it is safe to say that CP24 is a station I do not watch, at all. I know some do not agree with what I have to say as this discussion has been talked about and with family MANY MANY times BUT, I feel that this is true. In the general idea of things, CP24 is business driven and runs/stands with all thing business (not to start a heated discussion here) whereas CHCH is liberal, rights of the people, equality, to name a few. Maybe I am the only one that feels this way? but regardless CP24 is not on my side.

With that being said, this 24 hours was not the fastest and the best. For these 24 hours, there was nothing extremely against my usual views but their overall ways of telling news stories by being ‘business like’ being vague, straight forward, and getting to the point which is not how I prefer and want my news to be shared

CP24 Logo; taken from CP24.com